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Nspired Brands has partnered with Givebutter's modern fundraising platform to provide marketing and communications services to nonprofits.


Nspired Brands

Nspired Brands is a virtual contracting and consulting agency that supports the marketing, engagement, and fundraising efforts of small staffed non-profits. Organizations contract our Specialists on a week-to-week basis making us a timely and cost-effective solution.

Our Specialists partner with your marketing, development, and/or volunteer management staff to plan and produce innovative social media, engagement, and fundraising campaigns in just one week! You will walk away with the all the templates, systems, and deliverables you need to launch and manage successful campaigns.

In addition to providing hands-on virtual support we offer a library of webinars and workbooks to help nonprofits develop the strategies and systems necessary to increase their following and funding and scale their impact.


Campaign Management

Hire an expert to fully manage all aspects of your Givebutter campaigns, including the set up and management on Givebutter.com

Social Media

Engage your community via social media


Captivate your potential supporters on your campaign pages with the help of professional storytellers and copywriters

Supporter Engagement

Get a plan for engagement that will get you results

Fundraising Strategy

Prepare a solid plan for how to raise more for your cause using Givebutter

Website Design

Integrate Givebutter embeds into your website or get help with more any web design project

Email Marketing

Connect with your supporters via email

Hi, I'm

Nikki Lavette

Founder of Nspired Brands

I left a career in corporate marketing and began developing and managing student mentor and ministry programs for nonprofit orgs across the US. I then became a sought after speaker and trainer sharing how I executed marketing principles to fuel exponential program growth.

My literal non-stop pursuit of producing successful programs and training others to do the same, led to chronic burnout and an eventual exodus from non-profit work.

Today, recovered and refueled, and with over a decade of nonprofit experience, I help nonprofit marketers and fundraisers delegate, automate, and scale their work, so they can focus on attracting and empowering motivated supporters, and prevent overwhelm and burnout.

When I’m not working, you can find me enjoying soulful experiences, music, and food in my hometown Memphis, TN.


Nikki Lavette is the Founder of Nspired Brands, a virtual contracting and consulting firm for nonprofits, the Founder of 10minin, which offers burnout support, recovery, and prevention, and the author of MVP Matrix: The Nonprofit Guide to Turning Motivated Supporters into the Most Valuable Philanthropists.


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